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20 July 2019
14 18 23 28 36 37 32

£3,800,000.00 | €4,239,280.00 | $4,759,120.00

Match 5 plus Bonus
£1,000,000.00 | €1,115,600.00 | $1,252,400.00

Match 5
£1,750.00 | €1,952.30 | $2,191.70

Match 4
£140.00 | €156.18 | $175.34

Match 3
£30.00 | €33.47 | $37.57

Match 2
£0.00 | €0.00 | $0.00

About U K Lottery

How to Play the UK Lottery:

Choosing your lucky lotto numbers for the UK Lottery game is straightforward: From a range of 49 possible numbers, players are required to select 6 (six) numbers. Unlike most other international lotto games, there is no need to choose a Bonus ball; however a Bonus ball is drawn by the game itself in order to create additional prize tiers. Remember though, there is no need for you to make this Bonus number selection yourself - all you need to do is to focus on your six main numbers.

Rollover Information / Jackpot Prizing:

The UK Lottery game is one that is famed for its relatively great winning odds.The guaranteed starting jackpot prize for the UK Lottery game is £2,100,000 during the weekly draws, and £4,200,000 during the weekend draws.

In 2015 a new rule change came into play, with the quadruple jackpot cap no longer being applied.

Lotto players can now look forward to bigger UK Lotto jackpots, with a maximum jackpot amount to be advertised on the official UK Lotto site at the time of the draw.

There are five prize tiers (including the winning division) in which players are able to place.

The Biggest UK Lottery Jackpot Wins:


Jackpot Prize



£66,000,000 January 2016


£42,000,000 January 1996



June 1995

When to play the UK Lottery:

The UK Lottery draws take place twice each week: every Wednesday and Saturday at 20h00 GMT, with the draws being broadcast live on BBC One. The cut-off time for purchasing tickets on is 16:00 or 17:00 PM GMT on the day of the draw (depending on UK daylight savings time).


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