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About SuperEna Max

Play SuperEna Max online

History Of The SuperEna Max

Established in 2014, SuperEna Max gives lottery enthusiasts the chance to win life-changing cash prizes. Inspired by the popular Italian lottery, SuperEnaLotto, the structure is similar, with the difference being that the SuperEna Max has a starting jackpot between €90 million and €105 million. Along with the exception prize values, there's an added opportunity to win even greater cash prizes with special SuperStar draws, where jackpots climb over the €200 million.

After 11 consecutive draws the jackpot value rolls down to a new starting jackpot, beginning the 11 draw cycle once again - which is why the SuperEna Max is such a thrilling lottery! On occasion lottery organisers may extend the 11 draw cycle to push jackpots even higher.

What is SuperEna Max?

SuperEna Max adds to the already extensive list of huge jackpot-offering lotteries we have here on Fixed jackpot amounts give this lottery the competitive edge however, because jackpots constantly soar way past the €100 million mark.


How to play SuperEna Max

The SuperEnaLotto inspired the game structure of SuperEna Max, so players who have participated in SuperEnaLotto will recognise the gameplay, simply select 6 numbers within the 1 - 90 range. SuperEna Max results are based on the SuperEnaLotto draws, so prizes on SuperEna Max are awarded in the event of matching the winning numbers on the official SuperEnaLotto National Lottery.

With SuperEna Max, there's always big cash prizes to be won!

Guaranteed jackpots, guaranteed thrills

€90 million is the minimum starting jackpot for the SuperEna Max. It grows over 11 consecutive draws and after the 11th draw the jackpot amount rolls down and a starting jackpot is reinstated. The starting jackpot will be between €90 million and €105 million.

There is even more thrills with the ‘SuperStar’ superdraw play option. The potential winnings during the SuperStar draw are usually between €200 million and €250 million with announcements being made on the site to ensure that no one misses out.

SuperStar Draws

Catch our special 'SuperStar draws' that take place sporadically on the SuperEna Max lottery. These draws require an additional number to be picked (from a 2nd ballset of 90 numbers) and if you match all 6 regular numbers plus the extra SuperStar number you will win a massive jackpot of over €200 million. SuperStar draws are special once-off draws or a series of three or four draws.

How to play the lottery

When to play SuperEna Max:

Winning numbers for the SuperEna Max are based on the published winning numbers for the official Italian SuperEnaLotto draw of the same time and date. The SuperEnaLotto draw takes place three times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7.30pm Central European Time in Rome, Italy.

SuperEna Max Prize structure

The SuperEna Max prize tiers are as follows:

Match 6 – Jackpot
Match 5 plus the Jolly Number – €1 million
Match 5
Match 4
Match 3

The special SuperEna Max Superstar draw prize tiers are as follows:

Match 6 plus Superstar number – Super Jackpot
Match 6 – €10 million
Match 5 plus the Jolly Number – €1 million
Match 5
Match 4
Match 3

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